Making renewable energy dreams a reality

Throughout history the use and desirability of various commodities increase and decrease, Except energy which is a ‘true’ currency and has a constantly increasing demand. Energy (and food) never ‘go out of fashion’. Global per capita energy use has increased 4 fold (400%) since 1800. Total global energy use has increased 31 fold (31,500%).

Here in New Zealand per capita energy consumption since 1965 has increased by 62% and the total energy consumption has increased by 310%. Our complex society is built on energy. Quality of life is linked to energy consumption. Cost of living is linked to energy costs.

Over the next decades fossil fuels are to be phased out, this will increase the demand for and the value of renewable energy. Currently in most of the developed world fossil fuel accounts for between 60% and 85% of the energy supply. In New Zealand 60% of our total energy is derived from fossil fuel.

There is a need for storable renewable bulk energy to replace the role of fossil fuel and thus fill this shortfall in supply. The raw material to make this alternative fuel is available at minimal cost throughout New Zealand.

This renewable fuel could supply Huntly thermal power station, various milk plants, cement works, hospitals, schools, lime works, etc.

The raw material is forest harvest residue and low quality cultivated timber. Why is this resource underutilised?
There is a need for appropriate technology to process harvest residue at source and convert it into a durable, energy dense, logistically efficient form.

The product being Torrefied Wood Briquettes (TWB) or ‘biocoal’. Arboreal Energy ltd has been formed and is now raising seed capital to build the world’s first transportable autodynamic biocoal plant.

The case for Biocoal…

An industry that enhances New Zealand’s energy security

The long range, ten year, goal is to fill 10% of NZ energy demand. NZ uses approximately 1000PJ of energy annually. Cost of energy in developed societies over the last 50 years is 8±2 percent of GDP. Currently NZ GDP is almost exactly $1bn per day hence the daily energy cost to the country is $80m per day. Arboreal Energy is aiming at energy sales of (at today’s prices) $8m per day.

The short term, 2 year, goal is to build the proof of prototype pilot plant that will produce saleable sample product in commercial quantities. The mid term, 5 year, goal is to produce several production machines that will build the foundation of fuel supply for this energy company.

This will be a unique industry that enhances New Zealand’s energy security while satisfying the need for sustainability.

Making our renewable energy vision a reality for our shareholders and New Zealand

This is your opportunity to become a seed shareholder during this remarkable time in history to grow Arboreal Energy into a key player in the energy industry transition from fossil to sustainable energy.

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